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The work of Charles Thompson’s Mission was founded in the late 19th Century by Charles Thompson. He wanted to alleviate the sad condition of the children who were in a state of poverty in those days. He loved children, and this love stemmed from his love of the Lord Jesus Christ.

In helping anyone he could who was in need, he would seek to tell them the good news of Jesus Christ. On 9th January 1892, he opened Charles Thompson’s Mission in Birkenhead. People from all over the Wirral including shops, businesses and individuals contributed to the work either with monetary gifts or by donating food, clothes and toys.

Charles Thompson's Mission Building

This would then be distributed to the poor and needy.

Following his death in 1903, Charles Thompson’s daughter, Annie Thompson continued the work. Like her father she was greatly loved and respected, and in 1953 went on to be awarded an OBE for her services to the people of Birkenhead.


The work continues today with the Centre Manager, Mr Bernie Frost.

Ultimately, we want to see lives transformed by the gospel and help people take practical steps out of poverty.